Uber Doc NYC
Taxi driver physicals

Medical examinations & certification    
NYC TLC  medallion, Uber, Lyft, For-Hire

Evaluation by licensed certified medical doctor (medallion, For-Hire, Uber, Lyft drivers and applicants) to meet physical qualification standards as per NYC Taxi and Limousine Commision.  Certified medical center.


Address:   120-10 15th Ave.

College Point, Queens 11356 

(By appointment).

Tel. 718-939-9020 for more information.

   Uber NYC TLC Requirements*
  • Valid TLC FHV license
  • TLC plates/diamond sticker
  • Insurance policy 100k/300k

*Requirements may change.  Check to verify.
*Views expressed are those of Uberdoc NYC.  No direct affiliation with Uber, Lyft or NYC TLC.
certified medical doctor

Visit UberLyft and NYC TLC  application form for requirements.